Glass speaks a universal language. And glassblowing is a craft. The techniques differ per country, region and person. I myself have worked in various places in Europe and everywhere I found the same passion with like-minded people. After my studies in Norway and Sweden, I settled in Amsterdam to expand and complete my knowledge and skills in a focused way. In 2012 I completed my studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. During this same time I discovered my own way of working. Since 2015 I am based in the glass city of Leerdam.


At a very young age I became fascinated with glass. Its multitude of special properties touched my heart. I was fascinated from the first moment I watched a glassblower at work. Glass is shiny, glass is clear and transparent. But glass can also be opaque and cloudy. Glass is perfectly smooth at one time while at another time it takes on extremely whimsical forms. Glass is glowing hot. Or just ice cold. Sometimes glass is liquid but it can also be hard like a diamond. The viscosity and the moment of processing. The moment that the material slowly changes into a solid form. That is fascinating and still fascinates me. Glass is fascinating to me in all its forms. Glass is a very diverse material. It is powerful but at the same time fragile. Glass is enchanting and magical. Or sometimes just functional. However you approach glass, it is a raw material that is technically and artistically very challenging.


To find a perfect balance between the technical challenge, the artistic design and the material possibilities of glass. And that coupled with creative ideas and concepts that refer to my roots in the north of Norway. That is what I do. But as an artistic craftsman I also want to go beyond that. I want to explore my limits as a craftsman and technically skilled craftsman. In doing so, my professional training and creative studies have supported me. But it’s more than that. I also want to be an artistic creator. I am always looking for new forms and methods to make those forms reality. In this way, as a craftsman, artist and designer, I seek each time again the extreme possibilities of glass as a material and glassblowing as a profession.

Welcome to my world, to the world of Geir Nustad.