The Graal tecnique   In the Graal – works I capture the life I am living and the lives I see being lived around me. Commenting on our surroundings, the big city and the society we are living in. The images I use are a mix of self-made photos and found photos. As in my Graal – installation “Street view”, 2012, which reflects on the situations and changes in the world we are living in, with photos stretching from sub commandant Marco in the Zapatista movement to my own god-son and sister. All displayed in a pedestal installation that refers to the big city as an abstracted city skyline. The Graal technique is an old Swedish technique that I have refined in a way that allows me to use the tools of new technology in combination with the old technique, creating a new and different expression in the Graal objects which has not been done before, capturing photographic images inside the glass.
  • Skills : freehand blown glass
  • Copyright : geir nustad
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